Vortex ultrasonic water meter ELKORA B-34

The universal and multifunctional measuring device is intended for measuring heat capacity and heat energy, as well as for measuring water flow and volume in heating and water supply systems.

Features and benefits

  • Wide flow measurement range.
  • There are no moving parts for a long service life.
  • Constant relative measurement error over the entire range.
  • The measuring device consists of 2 independent heat meters.
  • Up to 4 flow sensors, 4 pressure sensors and up to 5 temperature sensors can be connected to one electronic unit.
  • Three-year warranty with post-warranty service.

Features and benefits

  • The water meter complies with OIML R 49 accuracy class 1.
  • The flow measurement range is given in the table.
  • Temperature measurement range 0°C – 150°C.
  • Power supply: 100V – 240V, 50Hz – 60Hz.
  • Output signals: 4 current, frequency and pulse, interface RS 232, interface Centronics.
  • Connection: thread DN 20 – DN 40, flange DN 50 – DN 100.

Data storage options

  • ELKORA meters allow the following values ​​of current and integral parameters to be stored in the memory:
  • Hourly average and daily average (archive 768 hours and 64 days);
  • Amount per day and amount per month (archive 64 days and 32 months);
  • Shutdown time per day and month (archive 64 days and 32 months).
DNQ min m3/hQ nom m3/hQ max m3/h


Installation and connection

The spatial arrangement of the flow sensor can be both horizontal and vertical.

The gaskets must not protrude into the measuring part.